BigCommerce Ecommerce

BigCommerce is a leading SAAS platform for B2B, B2C and D2C commerce.  Our team of BigCommerce developers have put together a comprehensive overview of functionality, capability, and top business-cases for BigCommerce. 

BigCommerce Key Industries:   

  • Retail 
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution

Target Customer Size:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Solution Types: B2C, B2B, D2C

Business Cases:

  • Total Cost of Ownership Reduction
  • Large Catalogs (2 Million Products)
  • Complex Logistics
  • Turn-Key Commerce

Time to Go Live: 1-3 Months

BigCommerce is a best in class solution for medium to large organizations that are considering marketplace commerce.  Their platform includes out of the box OMS, CMS, Logistics, Search, Catalog, Promotions and Pricing functionality. In addition to these items, the app marketplace provides connectors, integrations and features developed for many popular capabilities. 

See our in-depth feature review from our BigCommerce development team below. 

VTEX IO Review
OMSOrder API (Ease of ERP Integration)Highly Flexible
OMSCustom order fieldsMinimal Features
OMSUser Interface for order changesFeatures Available
OMSTransactional emailsFeatures Availbile
OMSLead time orders / Flexible order typesHighly Flexible
OMSCancellation, returns, RefundsFeatures Available
OMSPayment gatewaysHighly Flexible
OMSgift cardsHighly Flexible
OMSCustomer credit (payment terms)Highly Flexible
OMSInstallmentsHighly Flexible
OMSSubscriptionsHighly Flexible
OMSMulti seller order splittingFeatures Available
OMSCustomizable OMS interfaceMinimal Features
OMSApproval workflowsFeatures Available
Pricing managementUser specific pricingFeatures Availbile (limit)
Pricing managementExternal pricingFeatures Availbile with Customization
Pricing managementRegional pricingHighly Flexible
Pricing managementTiered pricingHighly Flexible
Pricing managementPrice management UI (import/export, single and bulk)Highly Flexible
Pricing managementPricing APIHighly Flexible
Pricing managementMulti-seller pricingFeatures Availbile with Customization
Pricing managementBid pricingUnavailable
Pricing managementPrice optimization engineUnavailable
CPQQuote RequestsFeatures Availbile with Customization
CPQProduct ConfigurationFeatures Availbile with Customization
PromotionsCouponsHighly Flexible
PromotionsDiscountsHighly Flexible
PromotionsBuy X get YHighly Flexible
PromotionsLoyalty ProgramsHighly Flexible
PromotionsBundled CouponsHighly Flexible
PromotionsPersonalized Discounts/CouponsHighly Flexible
LogisticsMultiple warehouse modelHighly Flexible
LogisticsInfinite inventoryHighly Flexible
LogisticsBack ordered inventoryHighly Flexible
LogisticsShipping carrier integrations (UPS, Fedex, DHL and custom carrier implementation)Minimal Features
LogisticsLogistics selection engine (simplification feature)Features Availbile
LogisticsIn store pickup/ Pickup pointsHighly Flexible
LogisticsMulti-package shipments - Split Order ShipmentsFeatures Availbile
LogisticsLoading dock lead timeHighly Flexible
LogisticsPre-order inventoryHighly Flexible
LogisticsLead time inventoryHighly Flexible
LogisticsOrder status UX and messagingFeatures Availbile
LogisticsMulti seller order assignmentFeatures Availbile with Customization
LogisticsDelivery time estimation (front-end component)Highly Flexible
LogisticsInventory management (upload, export, API, UI)Highly Flexible
LogisticsInventory optimization recommendationsUnavailable
LogisticsProduct manager roles and access profilesMinimal Features
LogisticsSeller inventory integrationHighly Flexible
CMSSite editor (CSS/HTMl Editor) / GUI page editorFeatures Availbile
CMSURL Path RulesMinimal Features
CMSTemplated PagesFeatures Availbile
CMSDynamic SEO meta dataMinimal Features
CMSPersonalized content (behavior-based content)Unavailable
CMSMulti-Site/StoreHighly Flexible
CMSGlobal Styling (Fonts, Colors)Highly Flexible
CMSVersion Control and DeploymentHighly Flexible
PIM/Catalog/DAMProduct bundles / kitted productsHighly Flexible
PIM/Catalog/DAMAssociated itemsHighly Flexible
PIM/Catalog/DAMBundle productsHighly Flexible
PIM/Catalog/DAMProduct recommendationsHighly Flexible
PIM/Catalog/DAMProduct types (simple, digital, configurable, bundle)Highly Flexible
PIM/Catalog/DAMSpecification / AttributesHighly Flexible
PIM/Catalog/DAMHierarchy levelsLimited 3
PIM/Catalog/DAMCatalog integration (API, import, export)Minimal Features for attribute import
PIM/Catalog/DAMBrandsHighly Flexible
PIM/Catalog/DAMSuppliers / Seller integrationFeatures Availbile with Customization
PIM/Catalog/DAMRich product content (unstructured product information including videos, images and conent)Highly Flexible
PIM/Catalog/DAMFAQHighly Flexible
PIM/Catalog/DAMDownloadable product literatureFeatures Availbile with Customization
PIM/Catalog/DAMReviews and ratingsFeature available in app store
PIM/Catalog/DAMProduct attachmentsHighly Flexible
PIM/Catalog/DAMCategory galleryMinimal Features
PIM/Catalog/DAMCatalog size (Products, SKUs, attributes and configuration limitations)Attribute size limited
PIM/Catalog/DAMSEO (on-Page meta data, URL, Sitemapping)Features Availbile
PIM/Catalog/DAMMulti-dimensional categories (shared products)
PIM/Catalog/DAMPersona-based catalogsHighly Flexible
PIM/Catalog/DAMRegional catalogsHighly Flexible
PIM/Catalog/DAMProduct collections (set rules)Highly Flexible
PIM/Catalog/DAMCustom product fields
PIM/Catalog/DAMMulti language supportFeatures Availbile
PIM/Catalog/DAMVersioning and DeploymentHighly Flexible
SearchPromoted Search ResultsHighly Flexible
SearchConfigurable SearchHighly Flexible
SearchSynonyms and Search RedirectingHighly Flexible
SearchFaceted Search OptionsHighly Flexible
SearchSuggested Search ResultsHighly Flexible
SearchVisual SearchFeature available in app store
SearchSearch TechnologyElasticsearch
SearchSearch MerchandisingHighly Flexible
SearchPaginationMinimal Features
TaxAvalara IntegrationHighly Flexible
TaxTax Rule ModuleHighly Flexible
TechnicalDeploymentHighly Flexible
TechnicalData Versioning (CMS, Templates, Catalog, Pricing, Logistics)Minimal Features
TechnicalTest HarnessesMinimal Features
TechnicalCaching and CDN SupportFeatures Availbile
TechnicalHigh Availability ResourcesYes
TechnicalHorizontal Scalability on DemandYes
TechnicalMicroservices ArchitectureYes
TechnicalSession ExternalizationYes
TechnicalExternalized AuthenticationYes
TechnicalPage Load Speed?
TechnicalLighthouse Score?
TechnicalDevelopment StackReactJS, GraphQL
Security & PoliciesPCI/DSS ComplianceYes
Security & PoliciesUser Permissions
Security & PoliciesAdmin User Permissions
Security & PoliciesSSL TLS supportYes
Security & PoliciesFirewallYes - CloudFront
Security & PoliciesBot DDOS ProtectionNo
Security & PoliciesGDPR ComplianceFeature available in app store
Security & PoliciesAODA / ADA ComplianceFeature available in app store