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The Average Order Size (AOS) KPI is important in ecommerce that shows how much money customers spend on average when they make a purchase on a website. It helps businesses see how much customers are willing to spend, and if their pricing, marketing, and product choices are working well. By looking at AOS, companies can make smart choices to make more money and be more successful.

What is the Average Order Size (AOS)?

Average Order Size is an important eCommerce KPI that shows how much money customers spend on average in one purchase. It gives businesses an idea of what customers like to buy and how much they are willing to spend.

We have the expertise in improving your Average order size to help increase your revenue

Improving the Average Order Size (AOS) is a strategic goal for many e-commerce businesses, as it directly impacts revenue and profitability.

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Recommend related items or premium options to customers, such as suggesting accessories for electronics or higher-quality versions of products.

Bundling Products

Offer bundles or sets of related items at a discounted price compared to buying them separately. This can motivate customers to make larger purchases.

Volume Discounts and Tiered Pricing

Offer discounts for buying in bulk or pricing tiers that encourage purchasing more items to get a better deal.

Loyalty Programs

Introduce a loyalty program that rewards customers for spending more, such as earning points for every dollar spent that can be used for discounts or free items.

The Importance of AOS

Main challenges in increasing AOS

Resistance to upselling and cross-selling

Customers may hesitate to purchase items they are not interested in. To prevent this, consider offering discounts on bundles or suggesting products based on their past purchases to increase their interest.

Customer backlash to price increases

People generally don't appreciate random price hikes. If you offer added value or improvements to a product, customers may be more willing to accept a price increase. However, raising the price of a product without any changes may not be well-received.

Difficulty in personalizing offers

Personalization means tailoring shopping experiences to individual customers based on their preferences and past purchases. A successful approach includes giving personalized product suggestions, sending customized emails, and providing discounts and offers based on customer actions and buying history.

How will this Checklist help you?

Knowing how much customers typically spend helps you evaluate your pricing and online marketing efforts. It shows the long-term value of each customer.

Average order size gives insights into customer behavior and helps set goals and improve strategies. Increasing the average order size often leads to higher profits for online retailers. By Improving the average order size, retailers can make more money.For that watch our on demand video about the Average Order Size checklist to learn tactics and strategies for reaching your goals.For that, watch our on-demand video about the Average Order Size checklist to learn tactics and strategies for achieving your goals.

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