Clouda B2B Checkout

B2B Checkout Made Easy

Bring complex B2B order processes into a simple single page experience that looks like your standard Purchase Order form. 

Clouda’s B2B Checkout App drives conversion rates, average order sizes, and profits by delivering an experience that makes procurement quick, easy and productive for B2B buyers. 

Complex B2B orders don’t need complex user experiences! Allow purchasers to craft complicated orders online with simple user interfaces that make conversion rates soar.  

Clouda’s B2B Checkout Experience is a turn-key downloadable app that gives manufacturers and distributors a best-in-class single page checkout experience. Drive checkout speed and improve conversion rates by making complex B2B ordering into a breeze. 

Feel free to contact us for a demo or to request customization of new features. We’ve developed this application to be extendable and adjustable for the most complex business scenarios. Download from the VTEX app-store today or contact us to learn more. 

Bulk Ordering

Procurement departments can import multiple SKU's to make ordering bill-of-material lists quick and easy.

Scheduled Orders

Allow buyers to set multiple delivery dates, quantities, and shipping methods for each SKU on an order.

B2B Accounts

Buyers can select their assigned Sold-To and Ship-To addresses to speed up the checkout process and invoice the right cost-center.

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B2B Checkout Features

Contract Pricing Simulation

For complex, custom-pricing or contract-pricing scenarios, enable buyers to view their unique discounted contract prices by integrating with your organization's external pricing systems at checkout.
B2B Customer Service Automation

ERP / WMS Integration

Streamline order management and inventory availability by connecting your systems with B2B Checkout's integration protocol.

B2B Checkout

Payment Terms

Allow customers to utilize credit card, company credit (Invoice Payment Terms) or subscription payments. Grow your conversion rates with flexible payments.

Flexible B2B Ordering

Ordering Made Easy

Complex Sales Orders on the ERP? Reinvent Ordering with B2B Checkout

See how Stanley Infrastructure tranlsated a complex ordering process into a high-profit online revenue stream.

Stanley Engineered Fastening is allowing customers across 11 countries to checkout in bulk. Ask to see a demo.