Configure price qoute CPQ

Find solutions for slow quotes and inaccurate pricing for complex products

want to access their products online in a frictionless buying experience. But many companies are failing to utilize software that connects internal operations to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

This solution requires a data-driven, digital approach that enables internal operations to thrive while also meeting customers anywhere they need. The solution you’ve been looking for is Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Software.

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What is CPQ?

CPQ stands for Configure Price Quote. It’s the process salespeople use to set up products, figure out the price, and create a quote. CPQ makes it easier to give quotes for products that can be customized, and it’s an important step in the process of turning a quote into cash.

What is CPQ Software?

CPQ software assists companies in handling the intricate pricing of their products and services. This technology aids sales teams in customizing product offerings, establishing pricing guidelines and discounts, and creating accurate quotes and tailored proposals to meet the needs of buyers.

Benefits of CPQ

CPQ software’s primary capabilities

Product Configuration

CPQ software helps sales teams manage product customizations and configurations, ensuring compatibility and accuracy.

Automated Pricing

CPQ software automates pricing calculations, ensuring accurate quotes and reducing errors. Advanced features provide insights into customer behavior and help optimize pricing strategies.

Streamlined Quoting

CPQ software automates the generation of detailed quotes with pricing breakdowns, saving time for sales representatives. It also allows for easy editing, customization, and quick sharing with clients.

Integration and Automation

CPQ software integrates with CRM and ERP systems to ensure data consistency and streamline the sales process from configuration to order fulfillment.

CPQ for Industries

CPQ Process


Configuration ensures that products are in stock, meet the specifications of the buyer, and are delivered within agreed-upon terms.


Price management enables salespeople to select from various product options, packages, and services, and provide authorized discounts.


The process of generating a quote ensures that all materials included in the quote are legal, consistent with the brand, and compliant with regulations.

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