Ecommerce Platform Selection
Platform Selection Resources

Successful ecommerce implementations start with selecting the right platform for your business. We’ve created this content to help ecommerce professionals follow a streamlined approach to ecommerce platform selection. The following sections are an analysis of the top platforms of 2021 across 132 features. Select the modules below to review the comparison: 

ecommerce technology stack

E-commerce Platform Technical Capabilities Review

Features and modules are important, but the right platform should meet all of your technology requirements. These are items like Dev-Ops, high availability, development technology, and version control. Check out our selection guide for ecommerce technical requirements.

Website Search Features

On-Site Search Comparison

Not many features can impact user experience and conversion rates at the same scale as site-search capabilities. Click to see our review of the site-search ecommerce selection guide.

ecommerce logistics modules

Logistics Comparison

The right Logistics Module is able to model complex relationships with a simple interface. Review the logistics capabilities of the top ecommerce platforms

ecommerce PIM catalog features

PIM Catalog and DAM

Large catalogs, complex product types, and localization are just a few of the features included in PIM/Catalog modules. Click to see our review of functionality by platform.