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B2B Bulk Order BOM Tool

Clouda’s B2B Accelerator provides a multi-line ordering experience that makes corporate procurement a breeze. By allowing buyers to import spreadsheets or copy and paste text lists, the B2B Bulk Order BOM Tool allows procurement teams to build bulk orders, utilize ERP pricing and stock check, and evaluate custom logistics information.

Components can be implemented on the following platforms:

  • VTEX Commerce
  • Adobe Magento
  • SAP Business One
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify

The B2B bulk order BOM feature enables the following capabilities:

  • Import Products or SKUS by spreadsheet
  • Add SKU lists by copy/paste into a text field 
  • ERP RealTime Price, Stock, and Shipping estimations
  • Tiered Pricing Display
  • Minimum Order Quantity, Multiples, and Unit of Measure
  • Save to Project List

The modern purchasing agent needs the ability to get price and availability for large lists of items quickly and accurately. Clouda’s bulk order BOM tool allows your site to customize the bulk-order experience for maximized cart sizes and conversion rates. For a demo of the B2B bulk order app, click ‘Schedule a Demo’ on the right.