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Clouda’s VTEX IO developer team is one of the most experienced groups in North America. As expert engineers in GraphQl, React JS, and CSS, Clouda’s VTEX developers have even been hired by VTEX to develop B2B platform functionality. 

The Clouda full stack/MERN stack developers also have proven experience delivering API driven experiences with Node and Go. Whether a project is implementing a new store or engineering a multi-system integration, Clouda has the experience to perform.

In addition to an extensive engineering team, Clouda’s VTEX Commerce Developer group boasts some of the most experienced solutions architects in the ecosystem. In fact, Clouda ran one of the largest VTEX implementations from requirement and solution design through launch. 

Hand in hand with solution architecture, our VTEX design services team have the creative flare and UX acumen to deliver user experience solutions that catapult conversion rates and average order size.  

VTEX IO Development Capabilities:   

  • Solution Architecture
  • GraphQL
  • React JS 
  • Typescript
  • Node JS
  • Speed Optimization

VTEX IO Frontend Team:

  • Design
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JS

Solution Types: B2C, B2B, Marketplace

Business Cases:

  • Implementation
  • Custom Feature Development
  • Product Configuration and Guided Selling
  • Turn-Key Commerce
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