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Reduce Your E-commerce Maintenance Cost

How much money do you spend to keep your website alive? Let us help you to identify unnecessary website maintenance costs, and how to clear/reduce them without compromising on performance.

Can You Have an Outdated E-commerce Website in 2024?

By 2024, enterprise e-commerce brands won’t be able to afford to have outdated websites. No one will buy from websites that load slowly, look awful on phones, and generally give off mid-2000s vibes anymore. To ensure a seamless user experience, it’s crucial to prioritize speed, functionality, and security, which can be achieved through consistent maintenance. However, achieving these goals comes with its own set of expenses, which may not always be transparent. This is particularly true in enterprise-level e-commerce, where advanced features are necessary to remain competitive.

Breakdown of Website Maintenance Costs

Highly successful enterprise websites often feature polished designs, advanced features, and extensive product catalogs, all of which require considerable time and resources to maintain. The initial phase in controlling website maintenance expenses involves comprehending the complete spectrum of website elements that may necessitate maintenance.

How Much You Spend for Your Maintenance Annually? Let's Calculate.

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You Can't Ignore Your Website Maintenance; Even if it's Expensive.

E-commerce enterprises cannot afford to ignore website maintenance for several reasons. 

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