AI-driven Catalog Data Enrichment

For ecommerce brands, getting product details into the catalog can be costly and time consuming no one knows this better than those in the wholesale sector. 

Clouda Catalog Enrichment AI was developed to quickly and easily convert product names into comprehensive catalogs.

Test us out by requesting free sample data below:

Catalog Enrichment Automation

With Clouda Catalog Enrichment, you can optimize your merchandizing efforts. Contact us today to learn more and experience the benefits of our AIdriven cataloging technology.


Instant Cataloging

Speed up Merchandising Efforts: eliminate the need to manually enter product details by up to 90%, thanks to AI-driven automation.

Automate PIM Data

Populate PIM and Ecommerce Catalog with Rich Data: Enhance your product descriptions with accurate product data that is easily seen and understood by customers

Optimize Products

Improve Product Detail Conversion Rates with product data: quickly turn product details into rich product descriptions with accurate weights, measurements, and complete manifest.

How Clouda Catalog Enrich works:

Step 1:
Input Data

Provide an example of beginning data such as a list of product names, part numbers, SKUs or other identifiers.

Step 2:
Output Fields

Tell us your target enrichment format and desired output fields. You can send us a file, discuss over a call, or specify your target system (PIM, CRM, ERP etc..).

Step 3:
Sample + Sign

Receive a free set of sample output and a pricing proposal. If you're happy with the output, sign the proposal acceptance and get your data in as quick as 1 day.